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Ryoo Kihl-jae Minister of Unification
Welcome to the Ministry of Unification website!
Unification on the Korean peninsula is a long-cherished desire common to all Korean people. Only when national unification is attained can the two Koreas break free from the shackles of modern history that bind us to this very day, and look forward to more breakthrough moments that will shape the course of our history, let alone the world.

By establishing sustainable peace on the Korean peninsula, the Ministry of Unification seeks to build a solid foundation for a unification era that ensures everyone’s happiness. The ministry means to take a step-by-step approach to address the issues we face, while delivering on promises and building trust between North and South Korea.

The most important part of this journey will be the strength and support of the Korean people and the world at large. It won’t be long before national unification takes place, once we come together in one heart to achieve a true sense of peace and a unified Korea that brings happiness for all.

The website is a valuable platform through which the Ministry of Unification communicates with visitors from home and abroad.

With humble heart, we will do our best to ensure that our policies reflect the constructive criticism and grow alongside the warm encouragement that you may provide. With this, I kindly ask for your continued interest and support.
Ryoo Kihl-jae Minister of Unification
• 1996. 9 - 2001. 2Researcher, Korea Institute for National Unification
• 2001. 3 - 2013. 3Professor, Department of Political Science and Diplomacy,

Hanyang University

• 2003. 7 - 2005. 6Member, Standing Committee of the National Unification Advisory


• 2006. 1 - 2006.12Director, Research Committee of the Korean Political Science


• 2006. 5 - 2007. 7Chairman, Steering Committee of the Korea Reunification

Society of the Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice

• 2009. 7 - 2013. 3Member, Standing Committee of the National Unification Advisory


• 2010. 1 - 2010.12Research director, Korean Association of International Studies
• 2012. 8 - 2013. 3Deputy chief, Hanyang Volunteer Corps in Seoul, Hanyang


• 2013. 1 - 2013. 2Working-level member, Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs,

National Defense and Unification of the18th Presidential Transition Committee

• 2013. 1 - 2013.12Research director, Korean Association of International Studies
• 2013. 3 - 2015. 3Secretary to the President for Unification, Office of the President
• 2015. 3 - PresentMinister of Unification